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Ask the Thank You Diva:
How to word a belated thank you note following a party

Barbara asks the Thank You Diva about how to word a very belated thank you note to a relative who made her birthday party extra special.

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Dear Thank You Diva,

My cousin sang at a surprise party for me 5 months ago - and I wanted to send him something special for taking the time and effort - not only to sing for 2 hours but also for making the effort to come to the party.

I have that something special but don't know how to start a "belated" note.

Any suggestions? I could do with some help with this.

Thank you,

The Thank You Diva responds:

Dear Barbara,

Well done for making the decision to write this note despite the time that has passed.

You've done the difficult part - selecting a special gift - so the accompanying note needn't be lengthy or difficult to write.

As with all belated thank you notes, it is important that your apologies don't overshadow your thanks. Although, currently, your strongest emotion concerning this note may be embarrassment, remember that the emotions that you want to convey to your cousin are gratitude and thankfulness.

So whereas you should definitely start with an apology, you should also move swiftly on to the important bit - the thank you!

Here, then, are some suggestions for starting your note.

Dear Josh,

Please forgive me for taking such a long time to get in touch with a great big THANK YOU for not only attending my surprise party, but also entertaining us so wonderfully!

It was a truly special evening, and one that I will always remember with enormous pleasure.

... etc. etc.


Dear Josh,

This note has been far too long in the making (please forgive me), but I really want to thank you so much for making my party extra special with your fabulous performance.

It was a huge surprise and it really couldn't have been a nicer one!

... etc. etc.


Dear Josh,

I want to shout out a huge THANK YOU! (while adding - in a very small voice - a heartfelt apology for taking so long to do it. I'm so sorry).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for performing so wonderfully at my party.

... etc. etc.

Continue by writing a little about aspects of the party that you particularly enjoyed, and complimenting his performance etc. And of course mention that as a token of your thanks and appreciation you are enclosing 'something special'...

Write the note now, then go and mail it right away. Your cousin will be happy to hear from you, and you'll feel so good about yourself!

With my best wishes,
The Thank You Diva

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