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Christmas Thank You Notes
for Clothing and Jewelry

"I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself."
Mae West
From cashmere sweaters and gold bracelets to boring socks and novelty ties, gifts of clothing and jewelry can be just right, or very, very wrong. Here are ideas for writing appreciative thank you notes for gifts that you love (or can at least live with), plus suggestions for how to say thank you for items that don't fit and/or you dislike.
Need help getting started? See how to write a thank you note in 4 easy steps.

Clothing and jewelry: this category of gifts can be something of a minefield. On the one hand, who among us wouldn't be happy to receive a gorgeous scarf, a beautiful quality classic sweater in the perfect color, or the perfect pair of earrings? On the other hand, sizing can be off, colors can be hideous, and styles can be just 'wrong'. In addition there's the small but ubiquitous issue of socks and ties – surely candidates for the most boring gifts ever!

Nevertheless, these Christmas gifts require a note of thanks, whether you like them or not. Here are suggestions for notes in response to gifts that you love, like, or can at least live with. If, on the other hand, you've received an item you hate then see these special samples and suggestions.

Thank you note for a beautiful sweater

Dear Amanda,

A cream cashmere sweater – it's exactly what I wanted, and it's fabulous! I wore it yesterday with my navy blazer and navy and cream silk scarf and felt very 'chic' indeed. I shall take care of it just as it says on the care card and love it forever. Thank you so much, I really couldn't have wished for a lovelier gift this Christmas.

I hope you received lots of delightful things too. I'll give you a call on the weekend to hear all about it.

Thank you again, you're a darling friend.

Thank you note for socks

Dear Auntie Em,

Many thanks indeed for the attractive striped socks. Lindsay was just saying that my sock draw needed a re-vamp, so you must have read her mind! I shall put them into service immediately and enjoy having toasty warm feet in this cold weather.

We missed you around the dinner table this Christmas, but were happy to think of you enjoying the sunshine in Florida with Peter and family.

Love from us all,

Thank you note for cashmere socks

Dear Natalie,

Trust you to manage to buy the most clichιd present in the world – socks – and make them fabulous! I guess you really got tired of me moaning about my cold feet on our trip to Chicago in the fall. Cashmere socks sound so decadent, but they are really practical – soooo lovely and warm that I can hardly bear to take them off. You've really pampered me, thank you!

Looking forward to visiting you (with my socks, of course) next weekend.

Lots of love,

Thank you note for an elegant tie

Dear Lizzy,

Thank you so much for the beautiful tie. As you know I regularly have to get 'dressed up' for client meetings, so this is just the thing. The colors are beautiful and the design just that little bit different. I shall enjoy wearing it.

We're sad to be so far away from you at this time of year, but look forward to seeing you at Katie's wedding.

Thanks again for thinking of me, and until March,

Thank you note for a novelty tie

Dear Sam,

Wow – what a tie! There's no doubt I'll be center of attention whenever I wear it. I'm enclosing a photo – what do you say? Think it suits me?

Thanks for thinking of me this Christmas season.

Hope you've had a good one.

Love to Yvonne and the kids,

Thank you note for a robe / dressing gown

Dear Lori,

Thank you for the beautiful robe. It makes me feel like an old time movie star. I just need a string of pearls and a perfect hairdo and it will be perfect! You have such wonderful taste in these things, and you've got the size just right too.

Thank you so much. I shall think of you every time I wear it.

All my love,

Thank you note for a great T-shirt

Dear Sally,

You remembered I loved this shirt! You must have gone back and got it when you were in the city last week – how very sweet of you, thank you so much. I really regretted not having bought it, so it's the perfect Christmas gift. It's even nicer than I remember and you can be sure that it will get lots of wear.

You're such a nice friend!

Talk to you soon,

Lots of love,

Thank you note for a Gold Bracelet

Dear Auntie Joyce and Uncle Bill,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous gold bracelet. It's absolutely beautiful and such an elegant design. I'm thrilled to have such a lovely piece of jewelry to wear on special occasions. You are both so kind to spoil me like this.

We had a wonderful Christmas with 20 of us around the dinner table on Christmas Day. We've all been talking about our New Year's resolutions this evening. Mine is to learn Italian. I've been wanting to learn it for a while, so this is the year!

Lots of love to you both, and thanks again,

Thank you note for a pretty necklace

Dear Jennifer,

What a great necklace – and it looks so good with my red silk blouse. Were you thinking of that when you chose it? I wore the necklace with that blouse on Sunday and got lots of compliments. You always pick such lovely gifts. Thank you again, and see you back at work on the 4th,


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