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Christmas Thank You Note samples for Holiday Keepsakes & Seasonal Decorations

"Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles."
Author unknown

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly..."
From the carol The Holly & the Ivy
Those of us who love the sparkle and magic of the holidays often receive Christmas decorations and keepsakes, especially for special years such as baby's first Christmas or the first Christmas as a married couple. Here are some ideas for thank you notes for these thoughtful gifts.
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Thank you note for a Personalised Christmas Bauble

Dear Anna and Rob,

Thank you so much for the beautiful keepsake bauble with little Emily's darling picture and date of birth. It has pride of place on my tree and I will treasure it. It's a lovely gift for a proud Godmother, thank you!

Give Emily a big kiss from me and I'm so looking forward to seeing you all next month.

Love from
'Auntie' Debra

Thank you note for a Snow Globe

Dear Steph,

I love, love, love the Christmas Tree snow globe! It's so detailed did you notice how each of the presents on the tree is different?

They're just silly things, but they make me so happy. Thank you for thinking of me when you saw this one. It's lovely. Take care of yourself and have a blessed Christmas season.

With love,

Thank you note for Vintage Decorations

Dear Nicola,

I was so thrilled to open your parcel and find vintage Christmas decorations. They are beautiful, absolutely what I love! They look fantastic on my tree and I especially love the baubles with foil inserts, each of them absolutely perfect despite being what? 60 years old?

Where on earth did you find them? You're so clever at discovering wonderful vintage items. Nicola, I'm so happy that you thought of me when you came across these. Thank you very, very much.

We must get together next week. Are you free on Tuesday evening?

Love always,

Thank you note for Tree Candy

Dear Steve,

You are such a sweetheart sending us this big box of chocolates and candy canes to hang on the tree. The kids' are thrilled, and I have to say the tree looks beautiful (see the photo we've taken for you). I am having to impose a strict limit of two sweet treats per child per day, or they'd all be gone by bed time. Decorating the tree with everything has really put us all in the holiday mood. Thank you!

Enjoy the holidays, and don't forget to take a little time out for yourself.
Love from Bella and the kids

Thank you note for a Christmas Wreath

Dear Pam and Justin,

What a gorgeous Christmas wreath thank you so much! It looks absolutely beautiful on our front door, and the red ribbons make us smile every time pull into the drive.

We're all looking forward to your visit with great excitement. Only a week to go now...

See you soon, and thanks again,
Mike, Maya and the kids

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