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Ask the Thank You Diva:
A goodbye thank you note to a hair stylist when moving cross-country.

Heather asks the Thank You Diva's advice on how to word a farewell thank you note to her hair stylist of 15 years' standing.


Dear Thank You Diva,

I am moving very soon and seeing my hair stylist, Tania, for the last time next week. We may be able to keep in touch via email, but you know how things go when people move away. We've been together for over 15 years. This is an important note and I just need some suggestions, especially any ideas for a gift other than a gift certificate. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your help.


The Thank You Diva responds:

Dear Heather,

Leaving your hair stylist after so many years can be a huge wrench, but saying a proper thank you will at least give you the satisfaction that she knows how much she has meant to you.

I assume that you will be saying thank you in person (at your forthcoming appointment) as well as on paper, therefore your thank you letter need not be especially long. Your main decision will be the tone to use - effusive or more quietly sincere - which will depend on your personality and what you feel 'fits'.

Here are a couple of suggested texts, which of course you will want to embellish with specific details of your 15 year relationship:

Dear Tania,

For 15 years I've been lucky enough to have the best hairdresser in the world - you! Tania, I'm not exaggerating when I say that moving away from your talented and capable hands is going to be one of the hardest things about moving away.

From hiding gray hairs to creating such a beautiful hairstyle for me as mother of the bride [share any special memories of the 15 years Tania has been your stylist...], I have counted you as one of my blessings so many times.

I will miss you so much!

I trust that the salon continues to thrive and expand, and most of all I send you my very best wishes for the future.

God bless you [if appropriate].


Dear Tania,

This is a terribly difficult letter to write, partly because I'm still reluctant to face the fact that you'll no longer be doing my hair, and partly because it's so hard to find the words to thank you for all you've done for me over the past 15 years.

Visiting the salon for my appointments with you has always been a real treat, with the wonderful bonus that I always came out looking my best. Being happy with my hair is such a confidence boost. I've relied on you over the years and you've never ever let me down [details of special services or memorable incidents, if appropriate...]. No wonder I'm feeling bereft that I'm leaving.

You are an extremely talented stylist and a lovely person. Personally and professionally, I hope the future brings you everything that you wish for.

With heartfelt thanks,

See too this note to a hairdresser when moving to another city.

Regarding gift ideas, how about an extravagant bouquet of flowers that she can display in the salon? Ensure that it is delivered with a vase as she may not have a suitable one to hand.

Alternatively, why not choose a piece of keepsake jewelry? After 15 years you should know her style well enough to enable you to select a piece that she'll love.

I hope your move goes well, and that you are able to find a new hair stylist who you are equally happy with.

With my best wishes,
The Thank You Diva

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