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Teacher Appreciation Gifts for Special Occasions

"It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days."
Attributed to Isabel Waxman
There are a number of special days and occasions through the year when you may wish to present your teacher with a gift. In most cases this needn't be anything large or elaborate. But a small token of your thought and appreciation for him or her is sure to be greatly appreciated.
So, in addition to my more general 100 teacher appreciation gift ideas, here are a few suggestions for teacher gifts for these special times of year:

Starting at the beginning of the school year, Back to School and the first day of the term or semester is traditionally the time when students would present their teacher with a shiny red apple. Old fashioned though this may be, it might be fun to keep up the tradition! Alternatively apply candy, cookies or cupcakes are sure to be appreciated, as is a small gift from your summer vacation (if you were lucky enough to take a trip someplace).

Next up is Thanksgiving, when it might be a sweet gesture to give your teacher a gift of produce from your garden, home-made or gourmet jams or preserves, or cookies and baked goods.

Flowers as teacher appreciation giftA bunch of flowers makes a wonderful teacher gift at Valentine's day... and all other days!
And then on to the Holidays and Christmas a small seasonal or tree decoration would be appreciated by any teacher, especially if it is handmade! And of course candy and chocolates are always welcome gifts, especially at Christmas when they can be shared around with family and friends.

February sees Valentine's Day, when lucky teachers receive hand-made cards and candy hearts, and perhaps a bouquet or two of flowers...!

And then Easter, which gives great scope for gifts of beautifully decorated cakes and cookies, pretty cards, flowers and plant. And of course candy and chocolate be it chocolate eggs or in another form make great gifts too.

May, in the United States at least, is when Teacher Appreciation Day (and indeed week!) happens, and teachers across the country are showered with presents and gifts of all shapes and sizes. See my 100 teacher appreciation gift ideas for inspiration for your gift!

Hardly is Teacher Appreciation Week over than the end of year appears on the horizon. In many cases, students will be saying farewell to teachers as they prepare to move up a grade, or even graduate. Again, my 100 teacher appreciation gift ideas should give you plenty of ideas for finding that special gift for your favorite teacher.

If you are graduating, then an extra special teacher gift may be in order. Probably you will want to mark your graduation with something lasting that will help your teacher to remember you possibly jewelry or a watch, a special ornament or hand-crafted item, or a donation to a charity or educational foundation in your teacher's name.

Make a great cake for your teacher's birthdayMake a great cake for your teacher's birthday
Naturally, your teacher's birthday comes around once a year, and although he or she may prefer to keep this private, if your teacher chooses to share the date with you then you may well wish to make a card and / or give a gift. Classic birthday gifts, of course, are flowers and chocolates (but do check whether your teacher has allergies first).

Finally, all teachers, however wonderful, eventually retire. Rather than a teaching-themed gift, why not focus on the new life that awaits them and give a gift related to their interests, be they gardening, opera, cookery or crafting... You'll then be able to happily picture your teacher enjoying retirement while making good use of the gift you gave them!

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