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Teacher Appreciation & Thank You Gifts: 100 Great Ideas

"It isn't the size of the gift that matters,
but the size of the heart that gives it."
Eileen Elias Freeman, author of Touched by Angels
A thank you note for your teacher is sure to be appreciated, but on many occasions you'll want to add a gift as well. Here are 100 yes 100! ideas for gifts your teacher will love!
There's never a wrong time to present your teacher with a thank you gift! In many countries, however, it is customary to do so on the annual Teacher Appreciation Day (see below), or at the end of a semester or school year, or before the holidays. Other times when you may wish to thank your teacher, instructor or coach with a gift include when you pass an exam, win a prize or trophy, or graduate. And of course, a gift is a lovely way to say 'thank you for everything' when a favorite teacher moves away or retires.

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Choosing a gift for your teacher ideas galore!

Here are 10 categories of gifts, each with 10 ideas, to consider when searching for the perfect teachers gift both from you as an individual or from your whole class or team.

  • Something cheap, cheerful or handmade and from the heart

    Just because it doesn't cost much (or anything at all) doesn't mean that a gift isn't heartfelt and special. In fact, something you've made yourself can be the most meaningful and delightful gift of all!
  • Something luxurious a treat for your teacher

    Does your teacher deserve a little pampering? Spoil her (or him!) with one of these very special gifts.
  • Something practical that won't gather dust on a shelf

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that a practical gift is boring. After all, it will still be in daily use long after the memory of flowers or chocolate has faded...
  • Something personal reflecting your teacher's likes & interests

    Use your knowledge of your teacher to come up with something special that really suits and complements their personality, interests and style.
  • Something teacher-themed it's hard to go wrong with these gifts!

    Use personalization and/or quotations to create something that your teacher will use or wear with professional pride!
  • Gift Basket ideas tailor these to your teacher's interests

    Ideas and inspiration for creating a fabulous gift basket that your teacher will love.
  • Preschool ideas gifts that even the youngest child can make

    What kindergarten teacher wouldn't treasure an adorable item made by one of his/her students?
  • Gifts of service sometimes the most appreciated of all

    A gift doesn't always have to be something you wrap. Simply taking the time to show your appreciation in words or deeds can mean so much.
  • Class Gifts & Group Gifts there's strength in numbers

    Ideas for group gifts given (and perhaps even made) by a group of friends, a team or a whole class.
  • Extracurricular teacher gifts for specialist teachers & school staff

    Ideas for great gifts for language teachers, music & drama teachers, sports instructors & coaches and school staff.

Teacher Appreciation Day around the world

World Teachers' Day, instigated by UNESCO in 1994, is celebrated on 5th October in over 100 countries. Many countries have their own days on which teachers and teaching are celebrated. For a list of these, see Wikipedia.

In the US, students honor their teachers not only on the annual Teacher Appreciation Day, but for a whole Teacher Appreciation Week! This takes place in the first full week of May of every year, and Teacher Appreciation Day falls on the Tuesday of that week.

And don't forget Kindergarten Day, celebrated annually on 21st April, the birthday of Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) who founded the first kindergarten in a public school in Germany in 1837.