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10 Ideas for Lavish & Indulgent Teacher Appreciation Gifts

"It is impossible to overdo luxury."
Traditional French proverb
Do you have a favorite teacher for whom you want to find a really special gift? Send the message that they deserve the very best with a luxurious and extravagant end of year or Teacher Appreciation Day gift.
The good news is that luxury comes at a variety of price points, so treating your teacher to an extravagant gift doesn't have to mean breaking the bank! And remember that while it's always fun to be a little spoiled and pampered, it is important not to present your teacher with something so costly or extravagant that they feel uncomfortable about accepting it.

Here are 10 ideas for wonderfully indulgent teacher gifts:

1. Scented candle

A scented candle as teacher thank you gift. Photo: flickr.com/photos/18670024@N06/A scented candle makes a great teacher thank you gift
A beautifully scented candle is a great way to give your teacher something really special, without spending too much money. It's a touch of luxury for everyday, and a lovely addition to a relaxing evening at home. Choose wisely though, as cheaper candles may contain so little essential oils that the fragrance doesn't last. Also some of the more unusual aromas can be a little overwhelming. If you're unsure, you can't go wrong with timeless classics like vanilla, rose, jasmine and lavender.

2. Flowers

A big extravagant bouquet of flowers, or floral arrangement a dozen roses perhaps, or orchids or lilies... Avoid red roses (which symbolize romance) and opt instead for soft pink, glorious yellow, or a vibrant color mix.

3. Bespoke stationery

Another luxury item that will be a real treat for your teacher is bespoke stationery. This could have a contemporary or vintage design, and carry your teachers name or initial(s), depending on what you think he/she would prefer. As well as writing paper and envelopes, consider correspondence cards and note cards, compliments slips and address labels all practical and useful additions to a stationery set.

4. Massage, spa or salon treatment

A spa treatment as teacher thank you gift. Photo: flickr.com/photos/denniswong/A spa treatment as teacher thank you gift
Does your teacher deserve a little pampering? Then a gift card for a massage, spa or salon treatment may be the perfect gift! From a foot massage and pedicure to a full day at the spa, there are health and beauty indulgences to suit everyone, available at a variety of prices.

5. Cashmere

Cashmere is wonderfully soft, warm and luxurious, and any teacher, male or female, would be happy to receive a cashmere scarf, gloves or even a cashmere sweater. For ladies a fine wool or cashmere wrap would be a great choice, or consider a quality silk scarf for warmer climates.

6. Crystal and porcelain

Crystal and porcelain always add a touch of luxury and glamour, but rather than an ornament that your teacher may have no place to display, opt for a more practical item such as a beautiful porcelain platter or vase, or a crystal fruit bowl. Unless you feel you know your teacher's taste and style very well indeed, stick with classic designs and neutral colors that will complement most home decors.

7. Gift card/voucher

Whereas a gift card for a store is a rather dull, generic gift, a gift card or voucher for a smart restaurant offers a real treat and has a lovely indulgent feel to it. Choose somewhere swish and special, and check that the value of the gift card will cover a full meal for two (with wine if appropriate).

A bottle of wine as teacher appreciation gift. Photo: flickr.com/photos/maartendive/

8. Wine

It's up to you to decide whether a great bottle of wine would be an appropriate gift for your teacher, but for the right person this is a gift that is always appreciated. Champagne of course is another great gift, and might be especially appropriate after exam success, or on the occasion of your teacher's birthday or retirement. If you're unsure of your vintages and grape varieties, most wine stores will be only too happy to assist you. Perhaps you can even attach a custom label.

9. Tickets/course

Does your teacher enjoy sports or cultural events? Then how about presenting him or her with tickets to a match or performance, or a place on a day school or master class? Depending on your teacher's interests, this could be as simple as a couple of tickets to a movie, or something really special such as an 'experience day' driving a race car, or a place on a gourmet cookery course. The options are almost endless!

10. Gourmet chocolate

No list of indulgent gifts would be complete with out mentioning gourmet chocolate! From fresh cream truffles to smooth pralines, mints and marzipans to artisan chocolates in amazing flavors such as violet, cardamom, or sea salt, chocolates are a great choice for almost everyone. Yum!

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