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Thoughtful & Personal Teacher Thank You Gifts

"The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness
rather than in its value."
Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900), American author & journalist
A thoughtful gift tailored to your teacher's likes and interests is one that he or she is sure to treasure. Consider your teacher's hobbies, activities, and style to help you select a really personal gift, be it for Teacher Appreciation Day, year end or any other occasion.
Consider your teacher's interests and hobbies, but also think about their personality, style, likes and dislikes. Maybe do a little discreet! detective work, or ask another teacher for advice. While you certainly don't want to embarrass your teacher by presenting him or her with something too personal or intimate, using your knowledge of your teacher will help you come up with a special gift that really suits them and reflects and complements what they are interested in.

Here are 10 ideas for personal and meaningful teacher gifts:

A collector's item for your teacher's collectionA collector's item for your teacher's collection

1. Collector's item

Is your teacher a collector? Animal figurines, vintage postcards, dolls, sports memorabilia... whatever they collect, the chances are you'll be able to find a great item to add to their collection. Keep an eye out when you visit yard sales and thrift stores, and of course check out ebay!

2. Bag/cashmere socks

Is there something that your teacher really seems to need? A gap you can fill? For example, you might have noticed that your teacher is constantly struggling to carry armloads of books and papers between the classroom and the car park a strong and really capacious tote bag (personalized with a quote?) could be the perfect gift. One student had a teacher who regularly complained how very cold her feet felt. The student did a little detective work to discover the teacher's shoe size, then presented her with a pair of toasty warm cashmere socks!

3. Memorabilia

Is there an actor, musician, author, sports or media personality or even a historical figure that your teacher really admires? If so, you may be able to source a signed photo or autograph (write to their agent or fan club, if they have one, or try ebay), a book about the person, or some memorabilia relating to them.

An accessory as teacher thank you giftAn accessory as teacher thank you gift

4. Accessory

What does your teacher like to wear? Does he or she have a 'signature accessory' e.g. brightly colored neck ties, fun earrings or necklaces, or pretty scarves? If so, you may be able to find an accessory to complement their style.

5. Seeds, bulb or plant

Does your teacher love plants, flowers? How about seeds, bulbs or a beautiful plant for his/her garden or veranda? Or a potted herb for the kitchen? For an extra special gesture, present your teacher with a rose with a name similar to theirs.

6. Art

If art or photography are your teacher's passion, then you'll be spoilt for choice regarding gifts a framed print, a beautifully illustrated art book or artist monograph, or a practical item (anything from a fridge magnet to a mouse mat, an umbrella to a ceramic dish) decorated with a favorite artist's or photographer's work.

7. Film

Maybe film is more your teacher's thing, in which case a membership to Netflix (or similar) may be the perfect gift. Or how about a movie poster, a movie guide or a book on film history or filmmaking?

A pet-themed item as teacher thank you giftA pet-themed item as teacher thank you gift

8. Pet-themed item

If you teacher has a pet, or loves animals, then you're in luck, as choosing a gift shouldn't pose too many problems. From calendars to jewelry, t-shirts to pillow covers, you can find a wide range of great items on almost any animal or pet theme.

9. Cooking/baking/crafting

Does your teacher love to cook and bake? Or maybe he/she likes to make things by hand or enjoys crafting? Look out for a beautifully produced cookbook or craft manual suited to your teacher's interests, or consider a magazine subscription to a special interest publication (there's an amazing variety on offer!). For a really special gift, you may be able to get your teacher a place on a craft or culinary masterclass in your area.

10. Music-related

Almost everyone enjoys music of one kind or another, so find out your teacher's musical tastes and look for a CD, book or item of musical memorabilia on that theme. Alternatively, give your teacher a CD by one of your favorite bands (one that you think they'll like, or at least find interesting!). For a really personal gift, put together a unique CD of your favorite music, or if you're musical record yourself playing the piano, guitar... or even singing.

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