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Thank You Gifts that Preschoolers can make for their Teachers

"We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American philosophical writer & poet
Gifts from children are always something special, and even the smallest child can contribute to creating something for their daycare, nursery school or kindergarten teacher be it a hand- or footprint, a finger-painted masterpiece or a scribbled abstract!
Artwork or an item made by your child might be the gift in itself, or your may be planning on purchasing a gift, but want your child to be able to contribute something to it. Neither option requires a great deal of effort, and with just a little forward planning you and your child will be able to create a beautiful and personal gift that any teacher, or teaching assistant, would be lucky to receive.

Here are 10 great ideas for sweet gifts for preschoolers to make for their teachers

Homemade cards as teacher thank you gifts. Photo: flickr.com/photos/kajsascrap/Homemade cards as teacher thank you gifts

1. Homemade thank you card

A homemade thank you card (or an 'I love my teacher' card) is easy to make and really heart-warming for your child's teacher to receive. See Creative ideas for children's thank you notes for lots of ideas.

2. Really special artwork

A drawing or painting that your child makes for his or her teacher can be made into a really special artwork by mounting it on toning or contrasting card. For something a little different, cut you yourself or together with your child the artwork into squares or strips and then reconstruct them in another order, for a tiled or mosaic effect.

3. Personalized bookmark

Another idea for children who love to paint, draw and color is a personalized hand-painted bookmark. Cut the shape out of sturdy card, or paste your child's artwork onto a ready-made bookmark blank.

4. Decorated cookies or cupcakes

Decorated cookies make very nice teacher thank you gifts. Photo: flickr.com/photos/pinksherbetDecorated cookies make very nice teacher thank you gifts
If your child enjoys baking, then decorated cookies or cupcakes always make a charming gift. Alternatively bake the cookies yourself (or simply buy some!) and encourage your child to decorate them with icing, sprinkles and candy shapes.

5. Plant

A pretty, low maintenance and easy-to-care-for plant is a gift that your child's teacher can keep in the classroom for everyone's enjoyment and benefit. Perhaps a flowering cactus, or some seeds or bulbs planted in a pot (as well as planting them, your child may enjoy decorating or painting the pot). Alternatively, if your child has a favorite plant on your terrace or in your yard, then consider taking a cutting for his or her teacher.

6. Decorated tote bag or t-shirt

Teachers can always use a good-sized tote bag, so give an extra special one decorated with your child's artwork, handprints, or even footprints! If you know what size shirts your child's teacher takes, then a hand painted t-shirt might be a cute idea too! Use fabric paints and carefully follow the instructions regarding ironing and washing to make the design permanent.

7. Classroom supplies

Classroom supplies - a teacher gift you can be sure will be used!Classroom supplies - a teacher gift you can be sure will be used!
Supplies of all those little things needed for the classroom are always sure to be appreciated by your child's teacher (especially as teachers often end up spending their own money on them). A bundle of crayons, post-it notes and stickers, colorful Band-Aids, wet wipes and a nice hand sanitizer... take a fun shopping trip with your child to select the items, then encourage him or her to decorate a box to present them in (shoe boxes work well). As well as making the teacher happy, your child is sure to be proud to see the items you gifted being used in class.

8. Apple-themed gifts

Apple-themed gifts are a popular choice, and this cute apple arrangement (see video below) is both attractive and easy and simple enough for a preschool child to enjoy making (with help and supervision, of course!).

9. Alarm clock or timer

An alarm clock or timer that allows you to record your own alarm message (try electronics stores or ebay) can be a fun gift for a teacher your child may enjoy recording him or herself reciting a favorite rhyme or saying, a morning greeting ('WAKE UP, Mrs. Brown!') or even a morning cock crow. And when the teacher tires of the joke, it's easy to re-record the message.

10. Decorated gift-wrap

Finally, if you have purchased a teacher gift, why not ask your child to decorate the gift-wrap paper? Any large sheet of plain white or colored paper will do as a canvas for your child's artwork, and is sure to make your gift stand out and look extra special!

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