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Ask the Thank You Diva:
How to word a newspaper thank you for a charity benefit during a crisis

Julia asks the Thank You Diva for advice on how to word a thank you note to be placed in a local newspaper to thank friends, family and strangers for their generosity at a charitable benefit in aid of her family at a time of personal crisis.


Dear Thank You Diva,

About a month ago our family and friends held a benefit for our family. My husband, Dave, was diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his brain. His diagnosis is terminal and we have a 3 year old little girl.

We would like to write a thank you to put in the local newspapers to thank everyone for their support and generosity. We were overwhelmed by the support we received from family, friends, businesses, and even strangers. I am not sure where to begin.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.
Julia Carter

The Thank You Diva responds:

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your message and how wonderful that your friends and family have rallied around to support you in this way.

As with all messages of this type, your thank you note for publication in local newspapers need not be long or elaborate. You may wish to thank specific people and organizations, or you may wish to keep your thanks general and universal. More than the wording, the important thing is to get your thanks out there for people to read as soon as possible.

I hope the following suggestions, of varying lengths and detail, will be of use as templates for your thank you note.

To everyone who attended and/or contributed to the recent Benefit for the Carter Family:

Your support and generosity is appreciated more than you can ever know.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Carter Family


Thank you from the Carter Family

To everyone involved with the Fund Raising Benefit in support of our family held at [location] on [date]:

We are completely overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity you have shown to us in this very difficult time. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

May God bless you all.
Julia & Dave Carter and family


Carter Family Benefit [date]

To our family, friends and many supporters:

You have truly touched our hearts with your love, friendship, offers of help and assistance, and the generous support you showed at the Benefit held in aid of our family.

It was a wonderful occasion and showed us clearly how joy can be found in even the darkest of situations. We deeply appreciate each and every contribution, and we wish especially to thank [names] for [particular support offered].

Although we cannot make [husband's name] better, your outpouring of love and support has provided us with enormous comfort, and the relief and strength that comes from knowing that we will be able to manage financially for the coming year.

With our love and heartfelt thanks,
The Carter Family

With my best wishes to you and your family,
The Thank You Diva

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