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Get Help with your Thank You Notes

"A good example has twice the value of good advice."
"Who questions much,
shall learn much,
and retain much."
Francis Bacon (1561-1626),
English philosopher, scientist and statesman
Need help with finding the perfect phrase for your thank you note? Worried about getting your thank you etiquette right? Stumped by a knotty thank you-related issue? Or simply don't know where to start?
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Here are questions about writing thank you notes sent in by readers, and my answers and suggestions.

My apologies - I am not able to offer individual help or advice with thank you notes or any other issues relating to thanking people at present. I hope you will find help and inspiration in the thank you notes below and on the rest of this site.

General Thank You Notes

How to word Belated Thank You Notes

Saying Thank You for Hospitality

Saying Thank You for Gifts

Saying Thank You for Sympathy & Condolences

Saying Thank You during a family/personal crisis

Kids/Children and Thank You Notes