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Thank You Quotes & Sayings
for all Occasions

"I quote others only in order the better to express myself."
Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), Writer of the French Renaissance

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Gratitude and saying thank you is a subject that inspires and excites, and there exists an exceedingly rich collection of Thank You Quotes & Gratitude Quotes of all kinds for us to draw on.
Here, I've collected together several hundred of the best. Use this treasury of thank you quotes both for personal inspiration and meditation, and for adding sincerity and a touch of zest and flair to your thank you notes, letters, cards and even gifts.

Overview, tips and advice start here!

1. General Thank You Quotes

2. Thank You Quotes for Family Members

3. Thank You Quotes for specific recipients

Here are quotes to help you to express your gratitude or to write in a note or card to particular recipients.

4. Thank You Quotes for specific occasions

These quotes will help you expressing your gratitude in particular situations or on special occasions.
  • Gifts

    Quotes to express how thankful you are for presents and treats
  • Weddings

    Quotes & sayings to use in your bridal shower and wedding thank you cards and notes
  • Baby Showers

    Quotes & Sayings to use in your baby shower thank you cards and notes
  • Hospitality

    Quotes for thanking your hosts for their hospitality & generosity after a dinner party, overnight stay, or just for welcoming you into their home.
  • Help, Assistance & Great Service

    Quotes & Sayings to thank people who helped or assisted you or gave you great service or other good deeds
  • Kindness

    Quotes & Sayings for thanking people for kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Sympathy Messages & Condolences

    Quotes & Sayings for thanking people for messages of sympathy & compassion, and condolences
  • Difficult Times & Loss

    Expressing gratitude in tough times and times of loss
  • Thanksgiving Day

    Saying thank you on the holiday that celebrates gratitude!