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Gift Baskets & Hampers as Teacher Appreciation & Thank You Gifts

"Gift baskets are amazing... the essence of class and fanciness. They are the ultimate present a person can receive."
Michael Scott, in The Office, Season 4

Rather than one larger item, why not present your teacher with a gift basket of smaller treats or useful things? A selection of carefully chosen gifts around a theme that your teacher is interested in or enjoys will be a surefire winner!
Gift baskets can be put together by an individual, a group of friends or even a whole class – simply select the size of the basket (or box or pail) and the value of the items you include according to the available budget.

Ready-made commercial hampers & gift baskets can be very pricey, but this doesn't mean yours has to be. A cleverly put-together selection of items from the dollar store can be just as delightful to receive as more expensive gift baskets, and your teacher is sure to appreciate the thought you put into it.

Here are 10 themed ideas for gift baskets & Hampers that any teacher will love

1. Treats

No doubt your teacher deserves a treat, so why not present him/her with a whole gift basket of lovely, indulgent things? Bubble bath, gourmet coffee and flavored teas, a bottle of wine (if appropriate), a great book or novel and a scented candle... Everything your teacher needs for some truly relaxing times.

2. Movies

Teacher Thank You Gift: Popcorn Tub
Another treat is a movie night gift basket. Pick out a couple of movies that you think your teacher would like (stick to classics if you're unsure) and add popcorn, popcorn seasonings, nuts, chips and candy... all packed in a great popcorn tub. Your teacher will have everything he or she needs for a special night in!

3. Summer Vacation

A great idea for an end of year 'school's out' gift is a summer vacation kit. If your teacher's the outdoor kind this could have maps and a guidebook, a season pass to a state or national park, or to places of historical interest, plus insect repellent, sun hat and sunglasses – all packed in a practical backpack. If your teacher prefers to hit the beach, then pack a beach bag with a colorful beach towel, cool shades, sun tan cream... and a great summer best seller.

4. Picnic Hamper

Teacher Thank You Gift: Woven Picnic Basket
Another great spring or summer idea is a picnic hamper. There are some great woven picnic baskets complete with plates and cutlery available, but any pretty basket – or even a box lined with pretty linens – will do. Add crackers and cookies, nuts and chips, and maybe a jar of good honey or some home-produced spreads and dips. And don't forget the picnic blanket!

5. Gourmet Foods

Teacher Appreciation Gift: Chef's Hat
Any teacher who likes to cook is sure to love a gourmet foods gift basket. Contents will depend on your teacher's tastes, but classics include quality condiments and spices, fine olive oil, balsamic vinegar and gourmet salad dressings, spreads and preserves. At Christmas time include foods with a seasonal theme. Add a chef's hat, an apron, an oven mitt or pretty linens for an extra touch of culinary flair!

6. Coffee

Maybe your teacher doesn't cook, but just loves a great cup of coffee! A coffee-themed gift basked could include a French Press or a cafetiθre, quality ground coffee (or some choice beans and a coffee grinder) and some coffee cups or mugs (pretty or sophisticated, depending on your teacher's style). Coffee and chocolate is a marriage made in heaven, so as long as your teacher isn't watching his or her weight or isn't diabetic, then add some too (or bake some chocolate coffee brownies!).

And if coffee isn't your teacher's favorite, then how about a tea-themed basket (quality and flavored teas, a tea pot and pretty vintage tea cups), a basket of fine cheeses and wine, or even the classic pairing of champagne and chocolate truffles!

7. Car Care

Any teacher with a car will thank you for a car care gift basket. This could include air freshener, cleaning products and car wax, a sponge and polishing cloths and an ice scraper (depending, of course, on the climate you live in). And as a centerpiece, a voucher or gift card for gasoline or the local car wash.

8. Gardening

A gardening gift basket gives you loads of scope to be creative, and could include seeds and bulbs, seedlings or cuttings from your own garden, as well as potting soil, twine, seed markers and a gardener's calendar or journal. Put together a kitchen garden gift basket for a keen vegetable grower, or a herb garden gift basket for a cook.

9. Animals

Teacher Thank You Gift: Birds Field Guide
Does your teacher have pets, or loves birds or animals? A dog owner would likely love a dog gift basket made up of a gift card for a local grooming salon, a smart leash and some great doggy treats and toys. Any bird lover with a garden or veranda would enjoy a bird-themed gift basket with a bird feeder, bird food and a bird field guide, and perhaps even a nesting box. And if your teacher simply loves penguins, owls, frogs or tigers (or pretty much any other creature!) you'll be spoilt for choice for cool and cute items to make up a favorite animal-themed gift basket.

10. Crafting/Art

Maybe your teacher loves to paint, sew patchwork, do carpentry, knit or crochet or make jewelry... Whatever hobby or art your teacher enjoys, he or she is sure to be thankful for a crafting or artist's gift basket, which could include supplies, tools, inspirational books, booklets, patterns or templates (perhaps vintage ones?), plus a gift card or voucher for a local craft and art supplies store.

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